Holiday Camps 2022 

Check back for information about our holiday and three-day-weekend camps.


Questions? Contact:

Jill Ammann

Camp Manager

Head Counselor

(830) 446-9312

Summer Camp Program:


Camp is a great place for kids to start to ride or practice their skills.  


When kids get the chance to ride on a daily basis the learning curve shoots up!  Weekly lessons tend to include some review each week, when kids can ride several days in a row, we are able to pick up right where we left off the day before. Meaning, its possible for campers to go from total beginners to confidently posting the trot or from solid walk-trot riders to experiencing the first steps of cantering!


Our camp is mainly focused on riding but we have lots of other activities planned, too.  Learning the art of horsemanship is key to becoming a well rounded, educated rider.  There's so much to learn! We want our campers to not only be brilliant riders, but also know how to practice safety around horses and have the knowledge and skills to take care of a horse's general needs.

In addition to daily riding the campers will learn:

* Safe Practices Around Horses

* Safely Haltering and Leading a Horse

* Correctly Saddling and Bridling

* Grooming Techniques

* How to Recognize Health Problems in Horse and          Horse First Aid

* Correct Names for Color and Breed

* Correct Names for the Parts of the Saddle and              Bridle

* How to Take Care of Tack

* Bathing


(Counselors are always available for extra help!!)


AND, it is going to be HOT so campers should be prepared to get wet and cool off!  We will be playing water games to beat the heat during the last portion of the day (time permitting).

Camps run Monday through Friday 9am - 2pm.

Beginner/Intermediate Horse Camp Dates:

Session I - June 20 - 24, *ages 8-12 ** Full     

Session II -June 27 - July 1, *ages 5-8 2 spots left 

Session III - July 25 - 29, *ages 8-12  6 spots left   Session IV - August 8-12, *ages 5-8 *NEW DATES*


IEA Team Camp Dates:

Intro Camp - June 6-10 *Full*

Advanced Camp - July 18-22



Beginner/Intermediate Camp: $550

IEA Camps: $600

**Please register ASAP.  Camps are limited to 20 campers per session.

Registration instructions: 

1.  Follow link at top of page "Registration" to Docusign.  Fill out and sign where prompted click complete.

2.  Pay your $150 deposit.  You may pay any of the following ways: 

    *Mail Check

    *Venmo: jill-ammann-1, last four of telephone:         9312

    *Follow link at the top of page to pay with              credit card. A fee of 3% will be assessed to            cover the cost of charge.  

To avoid $50 late fee you must make payment in full for Session I, II and IEA Intro Camp by May 30., for Session III, IV and IEA Advanced Camp, June 30.


What is your COVID-19 protocol during camp?


Our camp is held in the wonderful, outdoor, fresh air! We simply ask that you check your child's temperature each morning.  If they are running a fever please do not bring them to camp.

What will my child need to wear?


Riding breeches are preferred but jeans or leggings are acceptable.  Campers MUST wear a sturdy boot with at least a 1" - 1.5" heel.  We have helmets for campers to borrow.  

What will my child need to bring?


*A sack lunch, snack and a water bottle.  We have a water cooler from which they can fill their water bottles.


*Swimsuit and a towel with your name on it.

*Apply sunscreen at home.

*An eager and positive attitude!

What about bad weather?

The only thing that will stop us from riding is heavy rainfall and/or lightening.  However, we have LOTS of activities to do until the sun comes out again.