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In The Irons
Christmas Horse Camp 2020

In The Irons Christmas Horse Camp is in its 18th Season!

Join us for a fun and educational 4 days, Dec. 28 - 31.  


Camp is a great place for kids to start to ride or practice their skills.  


When kids get the chance to ride on a daily basis the learning curve shoots up!  Weekly lessons tend to include some review each week, when kids can ride several days in a row, we are able to pick up right where we left off the day before. Meaning, its possible for campers to go from total beginners to confidently posting the trot or from solid walk-trot riders to experiencing the first steps of cantering!


Our camp is mainly focused on riding but we have lot of other activities planned, too.  Learning the art of horsemanship is key to becoming a well rounded, educated rider.  There's so much to learn! We want our students to not only be brilliant riders, but also know how to practice safety around horses and have the knowledge and skills to take care of a horse's general needs.

In addition to daily riding the campers will learn:

* Safe Practices Around Horses

* Safely Haltering and Leading a Horse

* Correctly Saddling and Bridling

* Grooming Techniques

* How to Recognize Health Problems in Horses       and Horse First Aid

* Correct Names for Color and Breed

* Correct Names for the Parts of the Saddle and     Bridle

* How to Take Care of Tack

* How to Correctly Wrap a Horse's Legs for               Protection When Riding

* Bathing (if it is warm enough)

  (for smaller children this will all be done with the help of a camp counselor)

Camp Dates:   Dec. 28-31

Cost:   $425 (must be received by Dec. 24th to reserve a spot)


Will you be screening for fever?

Yes.  Each day upon arrival, we will be checking temperatures.  If your child has a temperature of 99 degrees or above they will not be able to participate in camp until they have been tested for COVID with a negative result and have been 48 hours fever free.

We expect you will follow common sense practices and not send your child to camp if they are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus. 

What is your COVID-19 protocol during camp?


Our camp is held in the wonderful, outdoor, fresh air!  When the kids are outside we will do our best to have them maintain 6ft. social distancing.  When social distancing is not feasible, campers will need to wear face masks. They will not need to wear a mask while riding.  We will have hand sanitizer located throughout the barn, at the arena gate, bathrooms, office and tack shop.  Campers will be reminded to wash hands several times a day. Disinfection of common areas and surfaces will take place throughout the day.

What will my child need to wear?


Riding breeches are preferred but jeans or leggings are acceptable.  

Campers MUST wear a sturdy boot with at least a 1" - 1.5" heel.

We have helmets for campers to borrow.

What will my child need to bring?


* A face mask or face covering.

*Send your child with a weather appropriate clothing i.e., for very cold weather: jacket, gloves, scarf, thicker pants.  Dress in layers.

*A sack lunch and a water bottle.  We will be having hot chocolate breaks and snacks.  We have a water cooler from which they can fill their water bottles.


*Chapstick or lip balm.  Apply sunscreen at home if necessary.

*A fun and festive attitude!

What about bad weather?

The only thing that will stop us from riding is heavy rainfall. Otherwise, we will be riding so bundle them up if necessary!