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IN THE IRONS EquestriaN CENter 
20 years of
HOLIDAY & Summer HOrse Camps

Questions? Contact:

Jill Ammann

(830) 446-9312


S U M M E R  C A M Ps
5-Day Camps, 3-Day Mini Camps, Quadrille Camp,

Intro and Advanced IEA Team Camps

Summer Camp ProgramS:


Sessions I, II, III, IV, V, VI 

Our beginner camps are great place for kids to start to ride!

When kids get the chance to ride on a daily basis the learning curve shoots up!  Weekly lessons tend to include some review each week, but when kids can ride several days in a row, we are able to pick up right where we left off the day before. Meaning, it's possible for campers to go from total beginners to confidently posting the trot or if they are already walk-trotting, they can start work their way to experiencing the first steps of cantering!


Our camp is mainly focused on riding, but we have lots of other activities planned, too.  Learning the art of horsemanship is key to becoming a well-rounded, educated rider.  There's so much to learn! We want our campers to not only be brilliant riders, but also know how to practice safety around horses and have the knowledge and skills to take care of a horse's general needs.

In addition to daily riding the campers will learn:

* Safe practices around horses

* Safely haltering and leading a horse

* Understanding how horses relate their emotions             with the signs they show us using their bodies 

* Basic horse psychology as it pertains to horse                 training

* Correctly saddling and bridling

* Grooming techniques

* Learning the correct names for the parts of a horse

* How to recognize health problems in horses

* Basic horse first aid

* Basic equine nutrition 

* Correct names for colors and breeds

* Correct names for the parts of the saddle and                 bridle

* A farrier (horse shoer) demonstration

* How to take care of tack

* Bathing

* And much more!!


(We always have extra counselors on staff to help our beginners!!)


It is going to be HOT so campers should be prepared to get wet and cool off!  We will be playing water games to beat the heat during the last portion of the day (time permitting).


IEA BOOT CAMPS:  The Intro Camp is for beginner riders who would like to compete on the IEA Team.  IEA has classes for all ages and all skill levels.  The Advanced IEA Camp is for riders who have riding experience (walk, trot, canter) and are ready to jump cross-rails.

Riders will ride 2x/day.  When they are not riding, they will be learning everything else they will need to know about horse showing.

Boot Camp is HIGHLY recommended for ALL future IEA Team Members.  Learning the skills covered in IEA Boot Camp will be key in making the first-string team.

QUADRILLE CAMP: Quadrille Camp is a fun and exciting five days of riding.  Quadrille is dressage ridden in teams of four riders.  The riders will spend the first four days of camp learning, rehearsing, choosing music and outfits.  On Friday, all the parents are invited to come and watch the riders demonstrate the choreography!  

Quadrille Teams must move in harmony and work together as teams.  Quadrille Camp will promote leadership, teamwork, and accurate riding.  

Qualified campers will be minimally posting the trot with confidence.  

Quadrille is ridden in teams of four, so campers will be accepted in 4's (i.e., the first 4 registrants will be a team, we will only have a second team if another 4 riders register.  The same rule will apply to 3rd or 4th teams.)

Sessions I-VI are designed to be beginner friendly, with extra camp counselors on staff to help out.

All Camps Still Have Openings!


Prices: 5-day Camp $600

            3-day Mini Camp $375

            IEA Camps (5 day): $650

            Quadrille Camp (5-day): $500


Times: Regular, Mini, and IEA Camps - 9am-2pm

            Quadrille Camp: 9am - 12pm (this camp is.                  riding intensive.  Crafts, Horsemanship, and Water Activities are not included.)

​Session I:  June 12-16

Intro IEA Boot Camp: June 19-23      

Quadrille Camp - June 26-30  

Session III: July 10-14 

Session IV: July 17-19 (mini camp)

IEA Advanced Camp: July 24-28

Session V: August 7-11

Session VI: August 16-18 (mini camp)

**Please register ASAP.  Camps are limited to 20

campers per session.

Directions to register for camp:

1.  Sign Waiver

2.  Fill Out Registration Form

3.  Pay Deposit

Use the links below to sign our waiver, register

and make payments.

Click Here To Sign Waiver  

Fill Out Camp Registration Form

Pay Camp Deposit $150 (for any camp)

Pay Balance on 5-day Camp $450

Pay Balance on 3-day Camp $225

Pay Balance on IEA Camp $500

Make Payment In Full 5-day Camp $600

Make Payment in Full for 3-day Camp $375

Make Payment In Full for IEA Camp $650

Camp balances must be paid by the 1st of the month that the camp is offered. Return to use the links above.


What will my child need to wear?


Riding breeches are preferred but jeans or leggings are acceptable.  Campers MUST wear a sturdy boot with a 1" - 1.5" heel.  We have helmets for campers to borrow.  

What will my child need to bring?


*A sack lunch, snack and a water bottle.  We have a water cooler for refills.  A SNACK WILL BE PROVIDED BEFORE LUNCH.  A list of what snacks will be served will be provided at check-in on the first day of camp.


*(SUMMER ONLY) Swimsuit and a towel with your name on it.

*Apply sunscreen at home.

*An eager and positive attitude!

Is there before- or after-care available?

Yes!  We offer before care starting at 8am and after-care from 2:00-5:30pm.  Aftercare is $10/hour with a late pick-up fee of $25 for each day your child is picked up after 5:30pm.

What about bad weather?

The only thing that will stop us from riding is heavy rainfall and/or lightening.  However, we have LOTS of activities to do inside the barn or classroom until the rain passes!  Camp will not be cancelled due to weather.

My child has food allergies.  What special arrangements can be made to insure he/she will not be exposed to the foods they are allergic to?

If your child has food allergies (such as peanut allergies), please indicate in the space provided in the Camp Registration form.  Before your child's camp session, we will send out an email to all parents asking that they do not send food containing the foods your child cannot be exposed to.

My child needs an Epi-Pen to be kept nearby, is that possible?

Yes! We will make sure your child's Epi-Pen is present wherever the camp activity is happening.  All of our counselors have viewed online trainings on how to recognize anaphylaxis and how to administer an Epipen.

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