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Hunter/Jumper or Dressage 

In The Irons Equestrian Center provides a safe and encouraging environment for beginner through advanced riders of all ages.


Lessons at ITI promote building confidence, motivation, discipline, coordination, focus, camaraderie and developing a compassionate bond with horses. Students will  learn not just to be brilliant riders, but also competent horsemen.


 Horsemanship is a key part of learning to ride.   Learning not just "how" to do something, but also "why".   Learning about horses health, behaviors and thinking patterns is key in developing  the ability to use riding cues and aids correctly.  

Having a solid understanding of and the ability to perform “the basics” is the foundation upon which the success of the  rider’s future equestrian endeavors will be based.  Riding accurately, having an independent seat and quiet hands will start out as challenges, but will eventually become reflexive, so that the rider can concentrate on learning new challenges at the  next level.   You could compare learning to ride like learning algebra: if you haven’t memorized your multiplication tables,  you are lost!


All students begin with a "Discovery Lesson" where their current riding skills  will be evaluated so they can be placed with the correct instructor and in the appropriate level.

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